To many of us, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our house. If we get handmade kitchens and personalised bedrooms, why don’t we do the same for our bathrooms? As such, if your goal is to redesign your bathroom and give it a new life completely, then you have to ensure it works for you. Below are a few personalised bathroom design ideas and tips.

Take Advantage of Mosaics and Large Tiles

In a bathroom, tiles are not only practical but also help create an overall look. In fact, when it comes to decor, floor tiles and concrete wall are very popular in creating an overall natural look. The benefit of using large tiles is that it makes a room look bigger than it is, and the mosaic helps in creating a colourful environment.

Invest in Floating Bathroom Vanities

While remodelling, you have to consider your furniture options carefully. Floating vanities help make a small bathroom look bigger. The furniture tricks the eyes into thinking that you have more available floor space. Furthermore, they give bathrooms a truly modern look and feel.

Lighting is Key

To enhance the appearance and feel, you have to get creative with the lighting. Install lights in places that will help the overall appeal, example shelf lights (over a vanity or sink). Lighting ornaments may be used over backlit mirror and bath as well as take advantage of different coloured lights. For example, having an LED strip light can be used around the shower.

Traditional Bathroom Décor to Complement the Rest of the Property

Sometimes going with a modern look does not really cut it or bring the best out of remodelling. For example, if you are living in an old-fashioned home (like picturesque cottage, or Victorian townhouse), then it would be wise to decorate your bathroom in a way that it will complement the whole property. You may also prefer to go with an old-fashioned décor design if you feel to opt for antique style design. Keeping the design consistent within a property is the best practice to achieve unity and create a sense of balance. Without this uniformity, the property may feel disjointed.

Therefore, consider starting with the flooring by using traditional Victorian materials to achieve an antique feel to the room. Remember, solid wood and laminates are not suitable for a bathroom because of humidity, which may cause the materials to discolour or warp quickly.

Clever Storage

You have to consider storage. In other words, you need to think of how you and your family will use the available space. Let a huge part of your creativity revolve around storage ease and practicality. You can achieve this in many ways such as shelving, under vanity storage, or ceiling storage cupboards are all good options.

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Ways a New Bathroom Can Add a Modern Touch to Your Property

It does not matter if your home has a more open design to it or a traditional style; you may want to bring that fashionable feel to your bathroom. One of the best ways to achieve this is by installing a wet room. Here’s why: wet room have a huge impact in many ways that include creating a modern design, luxurious, and it radiates style. Furthermore, it has been one of the leading bathroom trends this year.

They are not only practical but incredibly stylish. A wet room offers access to shower space for kids and anyone with a problem of getting around. The floor in a wet room is flat and slip resistance, which eliminates the likelihood of an accident occurring.