Technically, floor plans aren’t needed when selling a property, but neither are property photos and descriptions. However, how many listings do you come across nowadays that lack these elements? Floor plans not only grab the attention of potential buyers but help buyers to find the best rates for serviced apartments and aparthotels. To cut to the chase, floor plans are just as important as high-quality photographs. Here are the top 3 reasons why:

They Help Buyers Visualise Properties Better

According to research conducted by Rightmove, over 1/3 of property buyers are less likely to ask about a property if there’s no floor plan. In fact, one in five potential buyers will ignore the listing completely.

Floor plans are essential as they show details that can be hard to get using just photos and descriptions. These important details include measurements, storage space, windows, etc. Also, floor plans are better when it comes to showing distinct selling features like knock-throughs and extensions.

Great photos are vital in showcasing the property in its best light. Wide-angle shots, especially, score well with potential buyers, but some feel they can be quite misleading in showing the space in an accurate manner.

Chances are you have come across viewings where the potential buyers ended up being disappointed as the property did not turn out to be what they saw in the photographs. With floor plans, however, you can avoid this by giving buyers and tenants a better view of the entire property even before they step through the door.

Also, floor plans can be utilised by house hunters alongside the photographs in order to better understand the layout and space of the property. They accurately show how the rooms connect with each other and how the space flows. This means there will not be any nasty surprises when you decide to go view the property.

Real estate agents tend to be at the mercy of individuals currently occupying the property when it comes to ideal photos and successful viewings. Untidy and cluttered rooms usually appear smaller than they actually are. A floor plan, however, shows the exact size and potential of the whole house.

According to the survey by Rightmove, property buyers like floor plans that showcase the rooms’ layout and how the rooms fit in relation to the rest of the property. Also, the dimensions of the rooms are more important to buyers, which can be provided by floor plans.

Additionally, floor plans show window and door placements, and room measurements, allowing buyers to picture where their possessions will fit and how they will utilise the space. Floor plans also allow them to think about decorations and what changes they can make to better match their needs.

They Make Properties Memorable

Helping a buyer picture the potential of a house before and during the viewing is one thing, but what about when they’ve gone home? As a seller, you might get great signals during the viewing, but when you decide to follow up and are met with ‘which house was that?’ this is suddenly not that promising.

It is important to note that property hunters go through a wide array of houses and features of the different properties can easily get mixed up. So, consider including a floor plan in the listing as it helps stick the property in their minds. An ideal visual of the property’s layout can make the house you’re selling easier to remember.

Floor Plans help Make You Look More Professional.

If you are competing with sellers who also use floor plans, it goes without asking that you need to do the same. However, if they are not doing it, you can get a substantial market advantage with floor plans.

With floor plans in your listings, potential homebuyers will certainly think of you as a professional as you are willing to present the most intricate and important details of a property. It shows that you are serious and willing to be as transparent as possible.