If you got asked this type of question a decade ago, chances are you would have laughed off the mere thought of it. But currently, flexibility in work has grown from being non-existent to a comfort not most companies provide to an absolute necessity.

Not a 9-5

If there’s one sure thing concerning all HGV drivers, is that it’s not a 9-5 working job. Your hours may vary depending on which day it is, the weather, or the time of year, but you can be sure no two days are alike. With this premise, you can put going into the office at the same time every day on your rear-view mirror! Instead, the routes you’ll be using will be pre-planned well in advance, which will see you off to different locations, delivering different products each day. This can see you make deliveries to several customers in London on Monday, while on Tuesday who may be making a delivery from London to Manchester and back, while Thursday can see you make a long-haul journey to Europe. To a certain degree, you can select the days to work and your preferred distances depending on who has employed you.

Time Off

Following on from the aforementioned point, being an HGV driver usually means that you can select the working days and working hours that meet your preferences. This means you have control over the time you get off. HGV drivers aren’t limited to the notion that anything the boss says goes; instead, they get a say when it comes to how long and when they will take time off. This isn’t just applicable when taking your annual leave – you can also do it in between the week you’re already working. If you are a working parent and must be at home during certain days to take care of your children, you can have your working schedule align to such days. This is one advantage that most drivers don’t divulge but can make a massive impact.

Control Your Working Environment

There are very limited jobs available where you can get to have total control over your working space. Obviously, you won’t be able to make any structural alterations to the in your cab, but as a professional HGV driver who has completed your HGV training, you have the freedom to make the space your own. You can install mini-fridges, decorate your sleeping space, hang some decors (so long as they don’t impede your vision), and can generally make the place nicer to spend time in. You also get to play whatever podcasts, audiobooks, or music you want (as loud as you want), dress how you want, and stock up whatever snacks you want in your cab without stressing that someone might nick them. Flexibility in the workplace is usually something that office workers complain about – but this isn’t anything you should worry about if you’re an HGV driver.

Job Security

This point may not seem like ‘flexibility’ – but hang on. In the United Kingdom, the demand for HGV drivers has gone up. This isn’t just because this virus has improved the delivery industry, but rather the economy relies on drivers to survive and grow. However, you should note that there’s a driver deficiency now, and it’s been happening for a while now. So, you can be assured that there’s an availability for LGV and HGV drivers in the United Kingdom. Simply put, you have the flexibility you could possibly desire when selecting who to work with, what enterprise to work for, and even the cargo and type of HGV you want.