Dogs are animals that are very active that love to play, sniff and explore, yet it is just as important that they rest too. As a dog owner, you can help your pooch get the downtime that they deserve by ensuring they always have a comfortable and quiet spot to sleep. And if you want to go the extra mile, you could even get them a luxury dog collar too, to ensure they have the maximum comfort.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Dog Bed

There are a variety of dog beds on the market. If you have ever watched a dog sleeping, you would have noticed that they change their sleeping positions frequently. They curl up, stretch out, lie on their backs or on their tummy with the legs stretched out on either side.

What Size Dog Bed Should You Get?

It is very important that you select the correct size dog bed. It needs to be big enough that the dog can lie comfortably in every position that they prefer to sleep in. Some of the beds might be large enough that your furry friend is able to sleep in a curled up position, but is it big enough that they are able to stretch their legs out too?

What Dog Bed Type Should You Get?

Dog beds also come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. Oval or round beds with sides are good for dogs that prefer to sleep curled up, while mattress beds are better for dogs that like to sleep stretched out. Every dog will have its own preference, yet it is always a better idea to provide them with a few options. In this way, you will be sure they always feel comfortable.

A few of the bed shapes, like the box beds or the types that come with sides, will allow the dog to cosy down, as well as keep them protected and warm from draughts. The other types of beds are a better choice for the summer months when your dog prefers to stay as cool as possible.

What Type of Materials Should I Choose for a Dog Bed, and How Can I Wash It?

A dog bed should feature sufficient padding, and made out of materials that are comfortable. These materials should be easy to wash.

If you would like to take the dog bed with on camping trips, out into your yard or any other type of adventure, robust materials will be a better idea. Water-resistant or waterproof beds are helpful to stop the bed from becoming damp or wet.

Where Is the Best Area to Keep a Dog Bed?

Place your dog bed somewhere where it is draught-free and warm. You could position the dog bed in a part of your home that is quiet, where the dog can sleep undisturbed, or in the family room where they can be around the family while they snooze or relax.

Luxury Dog Beds For Special Dogs

Certain dogs will have very specific needs in association with the bed that they sleep on:

  • Old dogs, or the dogs that have pains, joint problems, and aches can benefit from memory foam or orthopaedic beds where they are able to get out and into the bed with ease.
  • If your dog is nervous or shy they might enjoy an “igloo” type bed where they are able to hide whenever they feel overwhelmed.
  • If you have 2 or more dogs, it is best to prevent competition by making sure you have a dog bed for each dog. If your dogs love to snuggle together, you might want to buy an extra dog bed which is big enough to accommodate both dogs.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Nobody enjoys being woken up or disturbed when they are sleeping, and dogs feel the same way. Ensure that everyone that lives in your home leaves your dogs alone when they settle down to sleep in their bed. This is also important to keep your dogs happy and your children safe.