Scores of London commercial spaces have been running empty for months. Brexit has forced many investors and even tenants to shelf their business and expansion plans until the Brexit issue is over. This has also forced landlords to seek better ways to make their properties more attractive to the few customers/tenants there is. Brexit has affected more businesses than just the property industry. This is one of the reasons the once busy London office spaces have not seen a single client for days. This is despite London being a beacon for modernity and the world’s hub for commerce.

One of the biggest problems with London office spaces today, and a reason why very few people are interested in the same, is the lack of internet connectivity. This is quite an irony considering London is the beacon for modernity in the world. Connectivity means here are a bit out-dated, which again means most clients won’t have/get decent internet speeds.

Many businesses today use the internet for marketing their brand as well as serve their customers. Very few of these would survive the tough economic times without the internet. That said, most potential commercial customers shun any property without connectivity and turn their attention to already serviced offices. This is despite the many challenges that come with rending a serviced office space such as having reliable land registry compliant plans in place. The fact that these office spaces have decent internet connectivity makes them more attractive to customers. You don’t have to watch potential customers leave for serviced office spaces in London. Here is what you need to do to make your property more attractive to customers again.

Make Your Property Internet-Ready

Ensuring your property is internet-ready can help attract more customers your way. Although you might know this already, having a new lease line installed for each of your tenants can be a painstaking experience. Most will be forced to wait for weeks, if not months before they can get connected. Making your office spaces internet-ready, however, eliminates the need to wait, meaning tenants can get connected within a matter of days.

Unlike traditional lease lines that can be expensive and take weeks, wireless microwave connectivity offers relatively cheap and easy ways to make your property internet ready. A small satellite receiver is installed on your roof, which delivers connectivity to your property without much of a hustle. All the service company has to do is to scout your area, then have the microwave satellite device installed. The installation process will be complete in just a matter of hours. Satellite internet connectivity has evolved dramatically over the last few years, hence capable of delivering the same speeds and reliability as wired connections do.

The fact that your tenants can get connected in less than 7 days puts you back in the commercial lettings game. Most of the commercial agents and landlords we work with have seen the benefits that come with having an internet-ready property. You can thus start seeing more and more tenants want a piece of your rental spaces, translating to more profits in the long run.

Disadvantages Of A Shared Internet Connection

Users may experience a degraded service due to too many users using the same connection line.
It is not as reliable as a dedicated service
Shared lines are, in most cases, uneconomical. Some cost a lot more than if one chose to have a dedicated line installed.
You will be tied to someone else’s contract.
It can take longer for faults to be resolved. One of the reasons is you might not have direct access to the provider’s tech support.
You may not have any rights to run a server of your own. This can be an issue with many people today.
Recurring costs that could be the same as waiting for a few weeks to have a dedicated line installed instead.