The whole world got affected by the pandemic, although more countries are affected than others, some were able to recover faster, and some countries are still trying to find ways to boost the economy. While there’s no denying that the government is trying to do their part, economically speaking, normal people can also help in their own little ways. One way is by supporting local businesses – regardless if they have a small coffee house, a cute little bookstore, a small restaurant with the best home-cooked meals, or a music venue.

Listed below are 5 ways that you can do your part to support local businesses amidst the COVID-19 pandemic:

1. Purchase from Small Business Startups

Some businesses are just starting out, and setting up their e-commerce stores or websites may not be fully functional, or, they could still be trying out to see how this will pan out. If you see local stores open in your neighbourhood, and they’re following safety protocols, go ahead and make a small purchase.

If you’re well and fit, with no coronavirus symptoms, go ahead, put your masks on and drop by a small grocer, rather than going to a large supermarket. Pick up the items that you’ll purchase from larger shops and find whichever is available or alternatives that they offer. This is one way of helping your local community’s economy.

2. Purchase Gift Cards

Purchasing gift cards from a local store can help your favourite local business. You can save it for future use or even give to a friend who’s celebrating his/her birthday. Gift cards play a huge role in limiting interactions since it doesn’t require packing and transportation. This doesn’t require your local store to go out to deliver goods door to door.

You may not know this, but business owners appreciate it when people purchase gift cards from them. It’s like your own little way of telling them that you appreciate the business and a simple way of showing your loyalty during these trying times.

3. Opt for Delivery and/or Takeaway

Unfortunately, numerous local restaurants have closed down during the pandemic for dine-in services. This doesn’t mean that you can’t help them. For the majority of these local restaurants, they offer delivery and takeaway services. If you have extra cash, go ahead and give them a call or drop by the shop to order takeaway.

Consider this a sweet treat for yourself. Take a night off, skip the cooking, and just order a nice warm meal and make a local businessman happy.

You’ll find it easier to order from these local shops as they now enter different delivery platforms like Deliveroo and Uber Eats, as well as Find Your Fleet for takeaways in Fleet specifically. However, if your favourite store isn’t listed yet, try to call them and see if they offer delivery services, or offer uncooked meals with their ingredients so you can cook it yourself at home.

4. Leave Ratings and Customer Feedback

This might be small to you, but for businesses, a single review can make a huge difference in their businesses. You can help them by following their social media accounts, and by leaving amazing reviews on their products and/or services.

Positive words of encouragement can help small local shop owners continue to do what they’re doing – and isn’t it what this is about? Helping them and the community?

5. Participate in Online Classes

Because of the pandemic, some dance classes, gyms, and even yoga studios were forced to close, but because people are resilient, they find ways to still provide what they have to offer. You’ll see that there are now online lessons being offered. If your local business offers it and you’re interested in, please take part and enrol in one of their courses.

With most facilities closed during the pandemic, local businesses now turn to the internet to continue to provide streaming sessions so people at home can still get the services they’re looking for. Join a session or two, refer a friend, leave a review, and support their business – these little things can help small local businesses and your community as well.