The classic body shaper is an essential item in the wardrobe of any individual who wants to have a well-shaped body. The structure of the body shaper plays an important part in its effectiveness. In fact, the anchoring points of the shaper – located at the shoulders and crotch – help shape your body, even if it is maternity shapewear you are looking for. It prevents the garment from rolling up or down and makes it sturdy and reliable. In fact, anchoring is what makes the body shaper so effective and versatile. Here is how to choose the best body shaper for your needs.

The first thing is compression. Where do you prefer to focus the compression for your body shaper?


The things are sometimes the forgotten area of shaping. Natural lines actually begin at the thigh area. Hence, the best body shaper should provide compression – starting from the thigh all the way to the anchoring point of the shoulder. This will give you the most uninterrupted silhouette.


Body shapers are usually cut in panels. In fact, a shaper with firm waist compression should focus on this area. It will help prevent any visible hemlines around the body.


You can choose from different body shaping options such as open bust shaping slips, shapers that let you choose your own bra, and push up corset styles. Bust compression is key in these styles. With this level of flexibility, your body shaper will work for a wide variety of different occasions.


You should always choose your shape to fit your mood. Choose from the dramatic to the subtle – whatever you prefer!


A waist-cinching body shaper will help create an enviable hourglass figure for you. But it is not all about your waist. In fact, to complete the hourglass shape, you will need a smooth line to your hips and height to your breasts. A good body shaper should always provide support for these areas to build the silhouette.


More subtle, elegant, and smooth lines won’t change your natural shape. That’s where the long-line (light to medium) compression body shaper comes in handy. The long-leg body shaper is ideal since it will create an uninterrupted silhouette.


Most people prefer the colour of white to minimise any chances of visibility. On the other hand, darker colours such as black and navy blue offer a confident feeling for evening wear.


Lace body shapers are usually available in different styles ranging from modernism, sleek to elaborate lacework. You will either love the aesthetic detail of such a body shaper or hate it. If you plan to wear the shaper under a snug outfit, you should minimise the details that may cause interruptions to the silhouette.


This body shaper has a shaping slip that is anchored from the shoulders. It compresses the waist, thighs, and hips. A casual or formal dress will hang smoothly when you opt for this type of body shaper.


Are you looking for the best everyday body shaper? An underwired body shaper is the best for you. It is firmly anchored to support you from the breasts to the hip area. The suit will keep you comfortable and supported at all times.

With a wide range of body shapers out there, you can easily choose the right one. We all have different moods and use body shapers to dress for different occasions. Hence, you need to make sure the body shaper collection covers you for summer and winter.