It shouldn’t be hard to take care of your leather gloves. You shouldn’t have to do much if you have invested in a quality pair of leather gloves in the UK. With leather gloves of good quality such as ours, you shouldn’t have to worry about its shape and definition for decades which really makes it worth the price you pay. However, we have a lot of experience with leather gloves, and we know how regular care and maintenance can help in maintaining a pair of high quality leather gloves. When leather gloves last for decades, you do need to care for them in order to retain their looks.

We get asked a lot of questions such “as is it okay to wash the leather gloves?” or “how you should go about cleaning the leather glove lining?” or “will my leather gloves will shrink if they get wet?” and a lot of other such things. There is no need to worry, as we will answer all your glove related queries.

We have created a complete guide on how you should go about caring for your leather gloves ranging from one waterproofing the gloves to prevent stretching among other things. It will allow you to maintain your gloves for as long as possible and to continue to enjoy them.

Waterproofing Leather Gloves

When you buy completely new leather gloves, is there anything you should do to waterproof them and to keep them protected from the elements. It is important to keep in mind that leather is a natural skin which means it is naturally resistant to the elements. Your gloves should have no problem unless you take them along for a dip in the ocean.

However, many high street brands offer products to enhance the already strong natural resistance of the leather gloves to protect them from rain. The most famous of these products is Nikwax. These are useful products but sometimes, these might affect the natural appearance of the gloves, especially when gloves are light coloured.

Cleaning the Leather Gloves

As is the case with all the products made from high quality leather, you need to take all the precautions when you’re washing or cleaning the leather gloves. Also, do it only if really necessary.

The colour of these gloves is delicate as skins are full blossom tanning and all the dyeing additives in the gloves are completely natural which means it’s not that difficult to fix the colour issues. However, you can permanently damage your gloves by using wrong chemical additives for washing. If there are light marks on your gloves and you want to get rid of them, you should look at other alternatives.

Prevent Stretching

Many people ask us how they can prevent stretching of their leather gloves. Every time, we give a very simple answer and it is that you should not have to prevent stretching of the gloves.

Leather has natural elasticity. Its natural properties allow the hand to glide through that narrow part of the glove. Once the hand is inside, the glove should take shape as per the shape of the hand and the wrist.

The key is in the skill set of the glove cutter. They need to choose the right pieces of leather for different parts of the glove. Also, different parts of leather need to be prepared in a manner that allows them to retain the perfect necessity to create a perfect leather glove.

We recommend investing in a high quality pair of gloves that are likely to last a lifetime. Also, do not forget to choose the correct size of gloves. When you pay attention to these things when buying leather gloves, you won’t have to worry about stretching of gloves during their lifetime.

Clean Lining of the Leather Gloves

Here at Cornelia James, we use cashmere, wool or silk to line our gloves for extra warmth and comfort. However, due to the nature of these fabrics, you should avoid fully submerging them in water as it can get rather challenging to clean the lining.

You should never try to clean the lining of gloves on your own as you will most likely damage them. If you feel that the inner lining needs to be cleaned, we will advise you to take them to a specialist dry cleaner.