Avocados truly are one of the most wonderful fruits in existence. Yes, you read that right! Though most folks assume that avocados are vegetables, they are actually berries that provide countless reasons not just to love them, but also to make them a regular part of your diet.

While it is certainly true that avocados contain a high amount of fat, in many ways, that is actually one of their best features. This is because the fat contained in avocados is of the healthy, monounsaturated variety. This is a heart-friendly type of fat that is very beneficial in moderation and which can also help keep blood pressure levels in check. As such, there is no need to steer clear of the so-called “alligator pear.” Taking a look at an avocado restaurant and what is on offer and the excellence of nutrients an avocado provides will boost you immensely.

Ways of Utilising Avocado’s

Though many thinks of avocados only in the context of guacamole, the fact is that they make a perfect, healthy spread for all manner of foods, including bread. Instead of reaching for things like mayonnaise, butter, jellies, or peanut butter, consider spreading some avocado on a piece of whole grain toast. This dish packs a nutritional punch that is perfect for starting your morning off right or injecting an energy boost at midday.

By no means should guacamole by shoved to the side, either, at it is among the best, most healthful dips around. There are some who may hesitate to whip up a big batch of the green stuff at home, given that it can discolour quickly. The way around this is simple, however, and it simply involves adding a good quantity of lemon or lime juice to the concoction. This prevents oxidation and keeps the dip looking green and appetizing for a longer period of time.

Avocado Oil and Its Advantages

The wonder of avocado oil is something else that fans of the fruit should explore. Pressed from whole avocados, this oil is akin to olive oil, and it also possesses properties that can aid in the fight against cancer, heart disease, and more. Researchers are only beginning to scratch the surface of what avocado oil can do, but early findings are encouraging, indeed.

Anyone needing an extra dose of fibre in their diet ought to look to avocados. If beans have lost their appeal, avocados are a terrifically tasty alternative. A medium-sized fruit contains upwards of 10 grams of fibre, with 75% of that being of the healthy insoluble type.

Other Benefits From Avocado’s

Yet another impressive attribute of avocados is their ability to help with nutrient absorption in the body. Scientists recently found that an avocado, when added into a salad, facilitated notably more effective absorption of beta-carotene as well as alpha-carotene. This is attributable to the avocado’s high level of healthy fat.

Bakers everywhere should take note of the fact that avocados can even serve as a health-conscious substitute for butter in all manner of baked goods. They can even be used in things like chocolate-chip cookies and sweetened breads. Who would have ever guessed?

Even standing alone, the dietary nutrients found in avocados are truly amazing. Those fighting high blood pressure will be glad to know that the fruits are replete with high amounts of potassium and magnesium. In fact, the level of magnesium in an avocado is higher than what is found in an array of other fruit alternatives, with strawberries, bananas, and kiwis among them.