Looking ahead to next season, the leading influencers, fashion editors, models, designers, and brands in the world are currently on the third leg of the global seasonal catwalks, as they take to Milan to showcase autumn/winter 2019 fashion trends.

Tight pleats, leather driving gloves, sensible shorts, and oversized hats might have dominated the last set of runways (and why all of us will be bearing them this spring/summer), however, by the end of this year, things will be looking much more OTT.

Ranging from OTT prints – argyle knits, unapologetic florals, and clashing checks – to seemingly endless ruffles, fancy puffers, and blinding sparkle, you might need to have the next six months in order to prepare yourself – as well as your wardrobe – for what looks to be a very sassy season coming up.

Keep reading to prepare yourself for what everyone will be wearing this autumn.

1. Unapologetic Florals

Can you think of a time when florals have even gone off-trend? We can’t think of one. However, next season they are going to be more extra than ever before, with full floral looks – which includes face masks – will be considered as completely viable options. Go with high-end labels and choose styles that have a muted colour base along with a splash of decorative, bright petals.

2. Gigantic Bags

After many seasons of having to cram only the barest essential items into the tiniest totes that our phones would fit in, this autumn/winter the count for our handbag lip balm will be returning to a minimum of seven as some of the coolest and leading brands of the season have declared it is time for us all to revisit practicality once again. And then some for good measure.

3. Checks Upon Checks

We saw many clashing prints last season – think stripes *with* polka dots. However, the bold trend next season is pared down to something that is a bit more manageable. Basically one print, by autumn we will all be making a reinvestment into checks – it is just that we will be mixing around the colours somewhat.

4. Tiered Ruffles

Don’t forget that I warned you that you may need to brace yourself. Next season, it simply won’t be enough to have one low-key ruffle as all of us look to the lampshade from the 1920s for evening wear inspiration. For maximum gown-impact, be sure your hair is kept pulled back.

5. Waist Belts

Although one of the timeless traits is a cinched waist, it is one that has somewhat fallen off of the radar within high fashion circles lately due to the increasing fondness for an undefined, loose silhouette. However, next season that is all changing and all of us will be reaching for a belt to wrap around everything, ranging from coats to belts and everything else we can think of.

6. Brown Leather Coats

Even if you’ve just had half an eye this season on fashion week, most likely you have noticed an influx various tonal camel hues on outfits from the street style set. Leap forward to the end of this year and this same base shade will be getting an upgrade via sweeping midi coats and luxe-y leather materials.

7. Pointed Toes

Have you nailed your Échappé? Perfected the Demi Plié? Know the Arabesque like the back of your hand? If you aren’t sure what I am referring to, then you might want to read up on Angelina Ballerina, since the focus of next season’s footwear is all about pointed toes.

8. Argyle Knits

In the past, argyle knitwear was the middle-aged golfer uniform and has definitely had its own highs and lows within the fashion world. However, according to the most popular runways this season, it is officially in favour once again. Strictly saved for cardigans and jumpers (no argyle trousers, pleased) pair them with a chick skirt for the office.

9. OTT Feathering

So if sequins don’t happen to be your thing, you can add some zhush to your appearance with playful textures – extreme feathering. In order to go full-leather, you are going to have to let go of any concerns you might have for a sleek silhouette and instead embrace the bulk. Pair a chic slip with a feathered coated on top for a memorable moment. You can take the coat off once you are inside, or for a dramatic look at night long choose a feathered dress to go full-throttle.

10. Corduroy Suiting

Over the past six or so months, corduroy has been making its subtle comeback. However, double this time-frame and we predict it will have reached the masses. For a casual look, choose a loose-fitting incarnation, and for the evening go with a nipped-waist jacket and high-waisted flared trousers.