First impressions speak volumes, and this is an essential element worth considering when enhancing your home’s kerb appeal. Given this, as well as considering floor plan drawing service for your home’s interior, it is also important to care for your home’s exterior. Below are ten tips for adding instant impact in how your property looks.

1. Paint Your Front Door

The first thing that visitors will see when they reach the entrance to your house is the door. You need to make it pop by going wild with your choice of colour, which should be a strong, vivid hue. Ensure that you give the door a glossy finish even if you decide to work with black. If you are thinking of going for a contemporary look, then muted, matt, or washed-out hues can be an excellent choice.

2. Invest in Quality Door Furniture

If you have the extra money for it, then why not spend it on some quality accesories? If you go for cheap stuff, then your home probably may look cheap. When deciding on what to buy for your property, think about practical applications of each item while also considering its quality. For instance, a heavy Victorian door with massive knockers and a letterbox will not be ideal if your home does not have the Victorian architecture and feel.

3. Lighting is Vital

If you are thinking of lighting up the door, place the lights at both sides of your front door to achieve a balanced look. Lanterns are an excellent choice for the outside for the entrance. However, you should try out other options before you commit to a particular lighting style. Do not go for items that are too ornate or big because they will have a brash presentation. Be sensitive about lighting up your garden. The light installation should be done discreetly without hindering the illumination, such as the hidden lights that light up the driveway.

4. The Approach to the Front Door

The path or walkway leading up to your front door, and this includes the steps, should be clear of leaves, rubbish, and debris. If you have a car or the kids’ bikes, they should be parked appropriately. The paths and steps should have a sturdy, beautiful finish. For this, you can opt to use sandstone, marble, or Portland stone. Installing patterned railings can also help enhance the look. The front garden should not be a storage place for your unused items. It should be clutter-free.

5. Numbering or Naming Your Property

While giving your home a name or number may be necessary depending on your location and community guidelines, it can be an idea that can go wrong. Badly printed names or wonky numbers will not be the ideal representation of your property. The same applies to substandard plaque. A chic yet subtle way of doing this is to have the name or numerals acid-etched into the glass if your house has fanlights. The use of stickers is also an excellent option. For communities that insist of such measures, then you can have the name and numbers wrought into your gateways, or have them inscribed on slate or brass screwed to the gate post.

6. Keep the Windows Clean

Dirty windows make your house look sad — worse still if they have rotten frames. Such a sorry state is an unacceptable thing for your windows. You should consider replacing them with a new one that has a design that echoes the rest of the house. When deciding on the windows, you should look at the frame and consider the type of glass you want. Glazed bars and glass will be a preferable choice since they blend it with an array of colours and materials. To play safe, you should consider the colour of your stone or brick before deciding on what hue you want of your windows. Lastly, you should install blinds and curtains to finish off the clean look you want for your windows.

7. Add Some Greenery

A bit of greenery will go a long way in adding life to your property no matter how small a space it may be. You do not need to create a garden. You can have a potted creeper trailing up, down and around your house. You can have window boxes with small plants or place pots with draping ivy on your porch. For the front of the house, you can have a landscaped bed with colourful flowers. Planters with box topiary can go on either side of the front door. Keep in mind that some creepers are destructive; they rip apart the mortar and weaken the brickwork.

8. A Majestic Entrance Gate

Lastly, your house needs something elaborate at the ushering point; that is why you should invest in an impressive gate. It should be something that reflects the period of your home. For instance, a new-build home will benefit from a wrought iron gate. And if your home is a manor, consider a white-painted gate installed to stone pillars.