Important Things You Need to Know About Leasehold Ownership

In Wales and England, it is very common to own a leasehold property. However, it is sometimes tricky to know what that means exactly and you may find you have lots of questions. I have my dream house, but it is a leasehold. What does that mean? First of all, don’t panic. In Wales and […]

Minimising the Noise Footprint

Noise pollution is an ever-increasing environmental hazard and is also a threat to public health. Let’s look at some practical steps to take to turn this trend around. Modern civilisation has gotten very noisy. Noise pollution has a very damaging affect the life habits and ecosystems of the natural world. Ecosystems can change drastically as […]

The UK’s Coolest Offices Of 2019

How your work environment looks is arguably less important than many other things. Nevertheless, a fun office space, with plenty of daylight, with cheerful colours and inspiring layout can boost your day-to-day performance. UK employees prefer to work in an environment that stimulates their creativity and motivates them to be more productive. Not everything boils […]