Will you be entering the new decade with a new kitchen? Will you be taking on this project yourself or will you be signing on with a professional kitchen designer? Or, maybe a bit of both?

One of the most important things to consider at the beginning of such a project is how long this is going to take. As you may imagine, that really depends on the project and the size of the kitchen.

Preparation for Kitchen Fit Out

You will have to go without a kitchen for the duration of the project. When considering how long this project will take, remember that your preparations will determine the answer. For example, if you would like the project performed in sections, this will no doubt take much longer than if cordon off the kitchen until the entire project has been completed. If you will be bringing in a contractor to help with this, they can provide some options. They may even be able to set up a temporary kitchen in your garage, verandah or study.


Your budget for your kitchen fit out should not be an exercise in minimising costs. Naturally, no one wants to spend any more than we absolutely have to, but there are some important reasons not to scrimp on a project of this magnitude. Your new kitchen will see heavy use over many years and you will want to place your cash where it will do you the most good, by buying items such as dekton worktops in Surrey, and a good quality splashback.. So if you are looking for ways to cut back on the costs, consider how you could repurpose kitchen cabinets. This way you will be able to afford that beautiful marble countertop you had your eye on.


This is not just about setting the times and dates for the project itself, but considering the activities in the home while the kitchen is out of service. The best idea is to schedule your kitchen fitting for a time when your kitchen will not see a great deal of use. So consider school holidays and big family events like birthdays. This will reduce the stress that can be connected to a kitchen refit. For some households, it may be best to go with a longer project that allows the kitchen to remain functional. For others, it may be best to have a shorter project that coincides with a family holiday that leaves the home basically empty during the project.


This would be a great opportunity to introduce changes to the existing kitchen structure. This is a good thing to consider if the existing setup has proven ineffective or impractical. For a larger kitchen, you may want to add an island to the kitchen. This completely changes the dynamics of kitchen activities and can be improved with an attractive Quartz, Limestone or even Onyx countertop. Of course structural changes may take a bit longer, but this is well worth the extra hour for improved beauty and functionality.


When you are making plans for your kitchen refit, there will invariably be specific design details you are not happy to change. For example, you may not want to give up that beautiful marble countertop. But, you will need to consider the lead time on these materials. Don’t forget that marble countertops don’t grow on trees but have to be pulled from quarries on the other side of the globe. You will have to investigate the orders, shipping and cutting of your natural stone countertop. Be sure to listen to the advice of your supplier so you aren’t waiting around for months for your materials to arrive.


It pays to be extra thorough when researching your suppliers. Look for the suppliers and contractors with a recommendation for quality work, not just the best prices. Recommendation can point you in the right direction but a testimonial will also provide important details. Above all communication is key. You want a contractor who fully understands the goals and vision you have for your kitchen refit and will apply their skill and resources to getting you the kitchen you really want.