About 9.5% of households in America rent self-storage units. People rent these units for different reasons. Maybe they are currently moving or deployed in the military, or they just want some extra space to store their stuff.

Whatever the reason for renting, a storage Camberley unit is a great option that will come in handy when you need to store your stuff and you have no friend or family member you can trust to watch over them. just like anything in life, there are some rules you need to know when it comes to renting a self-storage unit. There are also tips that will help you make the most out of your storage space.

Here is everything you need to know about storage, both the dos and don’ts.

Knowing the Right Size Unit to Rent

One of the best things about storage units is the fact that you have a wide range of sizes to choose from, which means you can find something that fits your needs and within your budget. You can rent a large unit big enough to hold a vehicle or a small one that will fit a couple of furniture pieces.

Choosing a Facility Close to Your Home

If you will be accessing your storage unit regularly to store or retrieve items, then consider choosing a facility close to your home or office (if you are using the storage space to store work-related stuff). This is going to be convenient compared to one located far from your home.

Packing and Storing Items Properly

When moving your items to storage space, you need to make sure you prepare them the same way you do when moving. Make sure the items are protected during storage and leave them packed so you can easily pull them out when you want to retrieve them.

If it is furniture, you may need to disassemble the pieces and place them in the box they came in. To prevent the legs of chairs and tables from getting scratched, wrap bubble wrap or any other cushioning.

Recording Where Items are Placed in the Unit

Have a written record or take photos of where items are located. There are times when you might have a hard time remembering which boxes contain what items. This is going to save you time because you don’t have to go through different boxes. A labeled map is another trick you can use to know where items are located.

Using Climate Controlled Units for Certain Items

There are some items that need to be protected from humidity and temperatures. If you plan on storing items that can be damaged when exposed to very hot or very cold air and humidity, then consider getting a climate-controlled storage unit. You will pay extra to rent them.

Do Not Store Items Not Permitted by The Facility

While storage units provide a place to store your object, not everything is permitted. Some things not allowed include animal (dead or alive), flammable items (oil, fuel, propane), plants, paints, and weapons and ammunition. Many facilities don’t allow caustic materials.

Do Not Allow Other To Have Access to the Unit

You should not give keys to the storage unit to just anyone. You should only give it to someone you trust. Those are your possessions, and you alone.

Do Not Forget to Lock

There are people who just live their units open because they want to make things easier later when they want to get in. Do not do this because you will be inviting thieves. Before you leave, double-check the lock to see if it is properly locked.

Using it the Right Way

When you follow the above self-storage tips, you will make the most out of your unit. You will also have an easier time accessing your unit and retrieving items.