Most people view marketing as an overwhelming, challenging and costly element but it doesn’t have to be. Yes, good marketing does require some investment; however, this does not necessarily mean a large expense – that’s a subject for another article. Using the five free and smart marketing methods in this article, you can easily implement marketing techniques into your company and begin to see positive effects within days!

#1: Google Your Business

The first top tip when it comes to positive marketing is to google your business on Google My Business. Google My Business is a local company listing platform owned and operated by Google and trusted by many people who use Google. When people search online, it is highly likely that they are doing so within their specific region or geographical location; therefore, it is necessary for your business to be visible to this target audience. Yet, being visible is one aspect but looking appealing to your potential customers can increase your overall prospects – this is where Google My Business comes into play.

Google My Business allows one to display useful information about the company, such as opening hours, contact details, a short biography, photographs of the company, and where you are located using a Google map.

Past customers can also leave reviews using Google My Business that potential clients can view. Statistics have shown that approximately 85% of users trust online testimonials as much as personal recommendations, so it is crucial that you ask customers to leave you reviews after concluding business. This can influence potential customers’ purchasing decisions and commitments.

#2: Using

Another easy method to increase your online traffic is by using push notifications for mobile and the web. This means that a visitor to your company’s website will receive a pop-up in the top left-hand corner asking if they will allow or block notifications from the website. If they allow notifications, you can feed them content to promote re-engaging and driving them back to the website using push notifications. This is a simple method of communicating with people who have visited the website, keeping the site GDPR compliant, and not bombarding users with emails containing lots of information.

#3: Using Leadfeeder

The third marketing tool that can promote your service is the Leadfeeder tool. This resource offers insights into who your potential consumers are, as well as tracking the site visitors IP addresses. When a website tracks an IP address, it can provide details of what company visited the website, which pages were visited, how long the user spent on the pages, as well as the method used to find your website.

All of this information seems insignificant, but it is quite valuable as it offers an idea of the site’s ‘warm leads’. A warm lead refers to the individuals who are prepared to purchase products and who you should be contacting with a follow-up. Surveys indicate that approximately 98% of all website visitors will leave without making contact.

#4: Using MozBar

You may have already heard about as a marketing research; however, MozBar is a free marketing tool allowing you to view and compare the domain authority of your rivals and your company. This comparison is crucial data to ensure you remain unique within the industry.

Domain authority is an essential factor when it comes to website ranking on search engines, regardless of the search engine, and consists of approximately 4 ranking signals. Ranking signals refer to the quality of the links and number of links pointing back to your company’s website. This is the reason why a higher domain authority results in a higher ranking on a search engine’s result page; thereby, increasing the chance of the site being clicked by potential customers.

#5: Think With Google

The final marketing resource discussed in this article is Think With Google. Think With Google reviews the speed of the website loading on both mobile and desktop platforms. Moreover, it provides a detailed report of what steps should be followed if the results are not positive.

Website speed is an essential influencing factor when dealing with a potential customer. If the user must wait for a website to load, it is likely that they will close the site and use a rival company. This is why the customer’s experience should be as simple and effective as possible.

If you’re already following these tips and want to take your marketing to the next level, you could also work with an agency like Muze Creative.