Encouraging company loyalty among your employees can help reduce employee turnover and increase company morale. There are several things you, as a manager, can do to increase loyalty among your staff. The happier your staff are, the less likely they are to leave. For example, if you’ve got a really talented marketing director, you want them to feel appreciated and valued – not looking for the first marketing director job available.

1. Strong Leadership Will Inspire Your Employees and Improve Loyalty

If you demonstrate loyalty to your team, you will find that your team returns the same loyalty to you as a manager. This can be especially beneficial during trying times and will help build a foundation to ensure the lasting success of your team.

2. Connect with Your Employees

We understand that you can not interact socially with every employee on your team. Depending on the size of your business, it can be difficult to maintain a connection to your team on a weekly basis. However, it is important that you spend as much time and connect with your team as much as possible. This can help restore loyalty across your company.

3. Show Your Employees that You Trust Them

When people feel that they are valued and trusted, they will reciprocate it. When possible, allow your employees to make decisions that directly relate to their work. This provides a sense of responsibility and freedom and can inspire them to go above and beyond what is expected of them, which can improve the overall work environment.

4. Provide Employees with Honest Feedback and Allow Two-Way Communication

Feedback is necessary for the growth of your company. One of the core principles of all successful companies is to ensure the business is operated with integrity and honesty, whether it is with your employees, customers or clients. Providing an honest outlooks helps improve communication in the company and can streamline your business’s processes.

5. Develop the Mindset of a Millennial

Graduates want to balance their work and their life and look for that when seeking out an employer. A survey done by Accenture discovered that 59 per cent of graduates would prefer a positive social atmosphere in a workplace over a higher paying job. This example shows how a business needs to take a fresh, new look at the incentive that they offer employees.

6. Reward Your Employees

Recognition of accomplishment is one of the key factors when it comes to company loyalty and respect. Failing to recognise your employees’ accomplishments and efforts (both on a professional and personal level) could lead to the employee feeling undervalued and appreciated. This can lead to an employee looking for a different job opportunity.

7. Remove Uncertainties

Today, the workplace is filled with uncertainties. The rapidly changing economy along with new innovations disrupt previously stable job markets constantly. This uncertainty can cause your employees to feel stressed out an miserable, according to a University College London Study. Although you cannot fix an uncertain economy. However, as a company, you can increase predictability in the workforce by keeping your employees updated on what is going on in the company and providing them with an advance warning when changes will be happening.

8. Be Neutral and Fair

Employees find it difficult to remain loyal to a company that allows certain individuals to make the workplace miserable. Abusive co-workers and bosses can increase stress and employee turnover in a company. Make sure that each member of your staff is treated fairly, and be a manager that embraces integrity.

9. Be Supportive and Genuinely Care about Your Employees

Keep your environment supportive to help ensure that your employees feel like they can work without the fear of making a mistake. Being supportive can also lead to employee experimentation and your staff will push themselves to succeed. The reassurance by their managers will help foster a sense of developing and learning from mistakes without fear of being punished.

10. Offer Your Employees Training Opportunities

Training is one of the most important aspects of running a business. You want to help your employees be the best that they can be. Providing them with tools and resources can help ensure employee loyalty and success. Training can also help boost your business and improve employee morale.