If you’re looking for an absolutely perfect beach holiday this summer, then a trip to Turkey is more than set up to please and send your senses wild. If you’re interested in fine Turkish cuisine, you’ll be able to experience the taste of sweet baklava and freshly made kebabs. And, if you’re all about experiencing the Mediterranean as it warms your body, you’ll have more than just a blast at a coastal resort or the Savoy Palace Madeira Hotel. You’ll be able to fully experience the sound of crashing waves as it lulls you to sleep and when you’re out for a stroll, you’ll be filled with the aromas from some of the country’s world class spas.

Turkey is more than just the land where history and sceneries mix; it is also a beautiful paradise filled with flamboyant cultures and exquisite food. So, if you’re relaxing on beaches that glisten like gold or simply exploring the inner cities, your vacation will be filled with endless memories and an almost fairy-tale like experience. And, you’ll find endless wonders that are truly historic, ancient amphitheatres and even Byzantine churches, all on your exploration map. The Turkish resorts glisten with modern beauty where you can pass your days soaking in the sun all surrounded by the charming coast; and when you’re ready, you can slip away for one of the most delicious meals you’ve ever had at any local family owned restaurants.

As night soon approaches, enjoy a refreshing cocktail as you enjoy live music. You can even past the night on the dance floor of any popular club. And if you’re more interested in a bit of a laid-back holiday, come and experience tranquil bays or go exploring into an ancient town where you can unwind and leave your worries in the far distance.

The Turquoise Coast

Most if not all of the major holiday locations are found on the western part known as the Turquoise Coast. At the Turquoise Coast, you’re sure to find esteemed, lively resorts such as Bodrum, Antalya, Kuşadası and Marmaris. And you’ll even find endless 5-star compounds with breathtakingly beautiful infinity pools, self-catering apartments, endless hotels and even bed and breakfast styled hotels where you can relax comfortably without breaking the bank.

Additionally, you’ll stumble upon lush clear rolling hills, emerald water, delicate sandy beaches and of course, if you’re getting married soon, the Turquoise Coast is perfect for any honeymooner. And, if you’re seeking the beach experience, the ideal time for visiting is around late May until the end of September for the dry, hot and sunny weather. When it’s closer to August, the oceans temperature gets closer to 30 degrees and remains above 20 degrees until November.

Cultural Attractions in Turkey

Hidden within the lands, you can stumble upon Bodrum Castle via any resort map. The castle is indeed an iconic 15th century landmark that houses the ever famous underwater museum of archaeology. At this location, you can experience shipwrecks that spell nothing but ancient wonder. So, if you’re interested in learning more about the history of Turkey, you should definitely visit its capital, Istanbul.

Istanbul is located to the north of the Aegean Coast and is easily found on any map of Turkey. You’ll be able to explore the Grand Bazaar, and several cultural sites from Basilica Cistern to Hagia Sophia. And, located just beyond the capital is Ephesus, the well-known ruined city and of course the wonderful Konya tea gardens perfectly illustrate Turkey through time.

Natural Attractions

To this day, the most beautiful and natural sight located in Turkey is Ölüdeniz, a lagoon. When you see it in person, you’ll be able to quickly recognise it from all the brochures. This treasured spot attracts endless visitors each year as they flock to the clear waters and sandy beach. So, if you’re interested in beating the masses, it’s better to visit during autumn or spring if you so desire.

Additionally, you can also pay a visit to Düden Waterfalls located within the Antalya area. As you behold this site, you’ll also notice that it flows into the Mediterranean Sea.

Food and Drink in Turkey

After all the endless hours of exploration, we’re sure you’ve worked up quite the appetite. So, when you’re ready to settle in for a meal, we recommend trying some of the country’s well-known delicacies. You’ll be ready to get your hands dirty for cheesy pastries, freshly chargrilled lamb and mezze. And of course, not forgetting to mention the local liquor as well as warmer beverages such as coffee and Turkish tea!