Essential Tips for Writing a Will

Someone writing 'My Last Will...'While death is a subject that people do not like, it is important that intentions are clear when writing a Will. If you thought that writing a Will is something only people over a certain do, you need to think …


GDPR: One Year Later

Image showing EU flag, a device and a padlock representing data protectionSupporting the Public

During the first year of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), people realised the potential risk to their personal data. A greater awareness of the law developed, particularly regarding the rights of individuals, along with an awareness of …


5 Considerations for Planning a Server Room

Server roomYour server room is one of the most important rooms you’ll come across. This is due to the fact that this is where the magic happens and your outside world connectivity and your powerful internal equipment meet. Your PCs are …


Egypt Travel Tips and Useful Info

Are you thinking about going to Egypt? Here, you will find relevant information to make the most out of your visit and guarantee a smooth stay in the country. Even better, you will know what to do with customs and …


A Place Where You Can Escape

It has been shown that having variety in your office space can help to promote improved productivity as well as play a key role in providing employees with better overall office experience.

Having a space to relax in, has in …


A Place to Escape When at the Office

The office setting is a place that can see people spend much of their time busy at work. Making the workplace a conducive environment plays a vital role in bettering the experiences of all employees. Research shows that having areas …