Spending time in nature is beneficial in many ways including the fact that it can help reduce stress and make you feel energised. So, next time you feel down or burnt out, consider spending time in nature. Niels Eék who is a psychologist and co-creator of Remente, a mental wellbeing and self-development platform, spending time in nature may boost your mental health.

According to a statement he delivered, Eék said that several studies carried out to determine whether spending time in nature can be beneficial to our health has shown that daily exposure to nature can relieve stress and boost self-esteem for up to 7 hours.

This study according to him was published in BioScience Journal. He further said in his statement that reconnecting with nature can also help a person become more mindful and be present in the moment. Fishing can be a good way to reconnect with nature. It is important in many ways including boosting both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Benefits of Fishing

1. Fishing Can Keep You Physically Fit

This is because of the fact that fishing exercises large muscle groups, lungs, and heart. In addition, walking from your car can be an obvious boost to aerobic exercises. To benefit from this, you have to walk for between 10 and 15 minutes from your car to the fishing spot.

Fishing consists of setting up, casting off and catching fish (even small fish) all of which require physical strength. Big fish like pike and huge carp require more strength. Catching big fish, for example with Raho Carp Holidays, engages your back, shoulders, core, arms, and legs in an active workout. Fishing can allow you to work out your whole body. Some people go fishing without realising that they are doing full-body exercises!

2. Can Help You Get Vitamin D

Fishing can help you get vitamin D as it involves spending time outdoors. Even when the skies are grey, you will still get vitamin D. Vitamin D is very important since it regulates the amount of phosphate and calcium in the body, keeps teeth and bones healthy, fights depression and boosts the immune system.

3. It Can Boost Concentration

According to a certain study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, being outdoors and noticing the environment around you can boost your ability to concentrate. Spending time in nature or walking outdoors can boost your concentration. Fishing involves spending time in nature can, therefore, help boost your concentration.

4. Can Help Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Fishing has therapeutic benefits and is one of the best ways to improve your mood and feel happy. Being near water can lower stress hormone levels and make you feel calm. Many charities have discovered this and have started using fishing to treat conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder.

5. Fishing Can Give You an Opportunity to Connect With New Friends

An angling club can help you connect with new friends as you will spend time with other people who like fishing. When you join this club, you become part of a community regardless of your age and whether you will participate in competitions or just not a greeting to the angler on the next peg.

6. Can Boost Your Self Esteem

Fishing can help boost your self-esteem especially when you achieve your fishing goals. And the good thing is that fishing is a lifelong skill that a person can enjoy regardless of his or her age. All anglers remember the first fish they caught and their eyes will light up when they talk about their first catch.

Fishing is also a skill that can be passed on from one generation to the next. Some grandfathers take their grandchildren to a local canal and show them how to hook a maggot. Spending quality time with your family members can also promote feelings of wellbeing and security. This makes fishing an activity worth learning.

7. Helps You Unplug

Even though many people fish at the weekend, there are after work anglers who leave their computers and emails behind and any other gadgets to enjoy fishing. This activity can help you unplug as you enjoy nature and nothing else. Fishing makes you unplug from your digital life and makes you plug into something natural.